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Oakley LSA Boot Water, Coyote

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Missions that involve water are not a simple matter of stepping through puddles or treading along tidemarks. They often require full submersion, so waterproofing can be a detriment by holding in water that invariably infiltrates the boot. The Oakley LSA WATER BOOT is engineered to drain quickly and dry fast, and with a low–profile flat lace that mitigates pressure points along the top surface, it can be worn with swim fins. In addition to maintaining the comfort and mobility of the ultra lightweight design, this combination of rapid draining/drying helps improve stealth by reducing the chance of leaving footprint puddles.
Surface grip is critical for any water–optimized design, so the LSA WATER BOOT features a slip–resistant Unobtainium™ outsole. The durable material is dimensionally siped with channels for traction on wet, flat surfaces while the formulation of the rubber maintains sure footing on uneven surfaces that reduce the area of contact and therefore require a material with superior grip.
To enhance the quick–draining performance, this boot is crafted with an EVA midsole engineered with drainage pillars, plus a perforated EVA footbed. The EVA is specially formulated for maximum step–in comfort and long lasting shock absorption that does not pound down like inferior foams. Comfort is further optimized by a combination of Scotchgard™ treated pig suede and 1000 Denier Cordura® in an anatomically corrected upper that offers a glove–like fit.
For special ops teams and combat divers who need the aquatic adaptation of boots that drain quickly, dry fast and maintain a dependable surface grip in wet and dry conditions, the Oakley LSA WATER BOOT offers the best possible performance profile.