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Suunto Ambit Black (HR)

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You could call it a watch, but that hardly seems fair. Altitude, location, speed, heart rate, weather conditions – it’s all at your fingertips. And with latest software, you can upgrade your watch to inspire your next adventure. The new Suunto Ambit – conquering new territory with the world’s first GPS for Explorers.

UPGRADABILITY: Settings and other information can be transferred to and from Suunto Ambit to Movescount.com In addition, Suunto Ambit software can be upgraded through Movescount so you can get all the latest features and performance enhancements.

SUUNTO APPS: With Suunto Apps, you can add new, unique features to your Suunto Ambit. Visit Suunto App Zone in Movescount to download Apps, or create your own with Suunto App Designer.

PEAK TRAINING EFFECT: To better reflect the meaning of the Training Effect measurement (TE), Suunto has renamed the measurement to Peak Training Effect (PTE). PTE indicates the impact of a training session on your maximum aerobic performance and is most accurate with medium and high intensity training. The measurement is relative to your current fitness level. The fitter you are, the harder you have to work to reach a higher PTE.

RECOVERY TIME: Recovery Time is an estimate of how long your body needs to recuperate after training. The time is based on the duration and intensity of the session, as well as the overall fatigue, accumulating even at lower intensities. Recovery Time accumulates from one session to the next if you train again before the time has expired.

3D COMPASS: With a conventional compass, you need to hold the compass level to the horizon to get an accurate reading. Suunto’s 3D compasses compensate for tilt, allowing you to get a reading regardless of the angle of your wrist.

INTEGRATED GPS: The integrated GPS used in watches such as Suunto Ambit is based on the SiRFstarIV technology. The receiver has a very high sensitivity. This helps Ambit to find GPS satellites much quicker and get steadier readings.

FUSED SPEED™: Suunto introduces a new, patent-pending technology for speed readings called FusedSpeed™. The speed indication is a unique combination of GPS and acceleration sensor readings. The GPS signal is adaptively filtered based on acceleration, giving a more accurate reading at steady speeds and a quicker response to changes in speed.

ROUTE CREATION AND NAVIGATION BASED ON WAYPOINTS: Create routes based on individual waypoints in Movescount. Download routes to your Suunto Ambit and navigate waypoint by waypoint. Ambit notifies you when you have reached a waypoint and guides you to the next. Both the name and heading of the waypoint are displayed.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Point of Interest is a specific location you can store in Ambit. You can also navigate to a POI you have selected (NOTE: In Ambit release 1.0 POI was called a waypoint).

ANT+™ COMPATIBILITY: ANT+™ gives you greater flexibility by extending the range of external devices you can use with Suunto Ambit. Suunto Ambit becomes compatible with ANT+ compliant heart rate belts, Bike PODs, Foot PODs and Cadence PODs from Suunto or other vendors.

BUILTTOLAST CASING: Suunto products with BuiltToLast casing have a robust, one-piece composite case with stiff top bezel. The anodized aluminum case and mineral glass display are designed to withstand mechanical shocks and scratching.